Albert Schweitzer and the just intonation organ

Eivind Groven og Albert Schweitzer ved orgelet

"To hear a pure-tuned organ would fulfill a life-long dream of mine."

Letter to Eivind Groven from Albert Schweitzer in 1953.

Albert Schweitzer came to Norway in 1954 to receive the Nobel peace prize, and took the opportunity to try Eivind Groven's pure-tuned pipe organ, then placed in the Trinity church in Oslo.

He was worn-out by illness, and cancelled all planned concerts and events. Besides the prize seremony, the only thing he had the energy to, was to try Groven's instrument.

"When he heard the little organ in the Trinity church, he sat down at once and played for a while. He said "This is the most interesting thing I have heard. ... You have to build a large organ like this one." (Groven 1971a).